Butter six small pudding basins and spoon 1 tbsp jam into the bottom of each one. Believe me, I’ve somehow managed to go wrong in so many ways with steamed cakes, and apparently with hardly any effort, but having grown wiser (and a couple more grey hairs in the process! 3 Bring the water of steamer to the boil. To prepare your cake pan, grease the base and sides of your cake pan, then line with greaseproof paper on the bottom and all around the sides. Set aside. Steamed Coconut Sponge Cake . Put the butter and sugar in a medium bowl and beat with an electric whisk until pale and fluffy. Use a fork to gently fold all ingredients together. Every single yum here can easily be created in your own kitchen. In a mixing bowl, add sugar and eggs, mix well until creamy and fluffy. Place the top vessel back on top of the bottom vessel, and cover with the steamer lid. The result, of course, won't give you a nice looking cake with a golden crust ! Dim sum is part of the Chinese tradition of snacks originating from the Song Dynasty (960-1279), when royal chefs created various dishes such as minced pheasant, lark tongue, and desserts made from steamed milk and bean paste. The history and origin of ma lai gao is contested, but the most shared belief is that the cake originated from the English baked sponge cake and the British took their cake to the Malay peninsula. Prepare the steamer, and bring water to a boil over high heat. If you need to add more water, be sure to add boiling hot water to ensure a consistent steaming temperature, and to minimise drastic fluctuations in air pressure. 5; 281; Savor Easy. }, Stir-fried Kailan with Garlic and Oyster Sauce. I’d love to see! Steamed Pandan Sponge Cake. Accessed online 2015, no longer available. Nov 5, 2018 - Explore Wong PShan's board "Steamed Sponge Cake" on Pinterest. Coconut Tea Pies. I think you should adjust the temp. So I put that in good use. Saved by Irma Tio. Sponge cakes, leavened with beaten eggs, originated during the Renaissance, possibly in Spain. Hi Ling, thank you so much for sharing! Method. I have also reduce the cake flour to make it softer. Make sure you use a cake pan (square or round is fine) that can sit inside the top vessel, with sufficient room between the sides of the vessel and the cake pan, and with at least 1-2 inches of space between the steamer lid and the cake pan. Some recipes call for custard powder to be mixed into the batter, and allowing the batter to sit (‘ferment’) a couple of hours, preferably overnight, before steaming, for a softer, finer, fluffier texture, and fuller flavour. It’s very important to use the appropriate steaming equipment. I had been feeling a little unwell the past couple of days, and had had way too much bed rest. Beat in one of the eggs followed by a spoonful of the flour, then continue until all the eggs have been incorporated. Pour in pandan coconut milk slowly and mix well. Place in blender jar together with 100ml of water and blend into juice. Beat the eggs and sugar till the mixture turns thick, and almost triples in volume. I’m so pleased and feeling over the moon, that this recipe yielded a very soft, fluffy, moist, and flavourful ma lai gao, after correcting previous faults from past blunders (I’ll happily count my losses if it helps you succeed!). Required fields are marked *. A blog about cooking and baking at home. 10. I hope you can enjoy this too! Hope you all have an amazing day :) Today, we will make a fluffy Coconut Sponge Cake. HOME > RECIPES > DESSERTS > SARANSURAVEL; Recipe adapted From: Felipe B Nery's english translation of Maria Celestina de Mello e Senna's cookbook "Bons Petiscos", 1972. This is considered the authentic way to make ma lai gao. Directions: 1 Line 9-inch ( 23-cm) round baking pan with parchment paper. I used raising flour instead . I decided on this recipe because it seemed very simple and quick to make – the kind of recipe that’s right up my alley. Add sugar and coconut milk mixture. Hi darlings! Steamed sponge cakes are of a pale almond or light honey colour, due to the soft brown sugar content. This is a recipe that’s a real keeper!). And in just a few simple steps, you too can make this fragrant, moist, soft and fluffy, Chinese steamed sponge cake (ma lai gao – 馬拉糕). The sauce sinks into the sponge, the ice cream melts, the three meld and you have a rich and very pleasing pudding. Slowly add in coconut milk and mix well. This is a cake that can be made at a moment’s notice, as it needs just a handful of ingredients, which are everyday items that you are likely to have stocked in your pantry or larder – mainly, eggs, sugar, flour and oil. Making this cake was a spur of the moment decision today. The water in the bottom vessel must already be gently boiling, before you place the top vessel (with the cake pan) on it. Bring the water in the wok to a high boil, then turn down to medium. Your email address will not be published. So tucking into a slice of ma lai gao always brings back many happy memories for me. Recipe from Good Food magazine, March 2020. Sponge cake is a light cake made with eggs, flour and sugar, sometimes leavened with baking powder. See more ideas about Steamed cake, Food, Asian desserts. Look no further than our raspberry and coconut steamed sponge. Sieve away the leave fiber to retain only Pandan juice of about 110-120ml. Asian Desserts Sweet Desserts Bakery Recipes Cooking Recipes Yummy Recipes Rice Cooker Cake Steam Cake Recipe Condensed Milk Cake Cream Crackers. I bought the custard powder for the other recipe before I read this quick one. Chinese Steamed Sponge Cake (Ma Lai Gao – 馬拉糕) – Quick Method. A quick method recipe for this dim sum and tea-time favourite, delicious Chinese steamed sponge cake (ma lai gao - 馬拉糕). Steam in batches, if your cake pan cannot accommodate all the batter at once. Lastly, to introduce the oil, it is a good idea to scoop out about 1/4 cup of the batter and mix it in with the oil, with a spatula by hand, until well blended, and then pouring it back into the rest of the batter. Cool the cake on a rack. As children, we enjoyed this treat tremendously whenever we had dim sum at Chinese restaurants – this, as well as egg tarts, and pan-fried pancakes filled with red bean paste. Add the softened butter, sugar, and eggs. Hope this paves the way for you to make your delicious steamed sponge cake! Coquieras. I was really curious to try it. This Pandan Steamed Sponge Cake is soft and fluffy and has a light pandan fragrance. The locals then adapted the Malay sponge cake to their own preferences using coconut milk and pandan leaves and steaming instead of baking the cake. 124. Tap the cake pan gently, 2 to 3 times, on the counter-top to eliminate big air pockets. Sep 24, 2019 - Infuse with some coconut milk will help to get rid the pungent egg smell. Fold in the remaining flour, the coconut and a pinch of salt, then the vanilla and coconut cream. I'm the gal behind this small space that I think is my little piece of heaven on earth. This will minimise the need to top up the water should the water evaporate too quickly. BBC Good Food Show Summer Save 25% on early bird tickets. Steamed sponge cake (ma lai gao – 馬拉糕) is a family favourite that we often have for breakfast or tea. But I really encourage you… Sugee Cookies – Makes Melt-in-Your-Mouth Magic! Grease the base and sides of an 8-inch (20-cm) round or square cake pan, and line the base and sides with greaseproof paper. Don't miss our delicious recipes and updates in your inbox! In a large mixing bowel sift the flour and baking powder into it. Article by Lona Low-Yap. When you introduce the flour-baking powder mixture into the egg-sugar mixture, beat at a lower speed, and stop once the flour has been well-incorporated (i.e. Choose the type of message you'd like to post, Magazine subscription – save 44% and get a cookbook of your choice. I figured that I needed to be on my feet, doing something that would keep me busy, and happy, at the same time – hah! dir. Run a knife around the sides of the basins and carefully turn out the sponges onto the custard. Else have to find a way to use up the custard powder. Place into steamer (water must already be boiling), cover with a dry tea cloth, place the steamer lid back on, and steam for 30 to 35 minutes, or until a bamboo skewer inserted into the centre of the cake emerges free of sticky batter. Steamed Pandan Cake 蒸香兰蛋糕 . Laddle batter into … Put the basins on a baking tray, transfer to the freezer and freeze until solid. coconut, butter, salt, eggs, caster sugar, coconut cream, vanilla essence and 6 more Carrot, Pistachio, and Coconut Cake with Rose-Scented Cream La Cocina de Babel carrots, sugar, large eggs, rose water, ground almonds, grated coconut and 7 more In slow speed of your mixer, slowly add in flour and mix till well combine. even fluffier, moist, tender and tastier ma lai gao. Steamed sponge cakes are of a pale almond or light honey colour, due to the soft brown sugar content. Thanks Celia for this recipe. I was yearning for something soft, moist, and sweet – and after a quick rummage through my pantry – decided that I had all the stuff I needed to make this steamed sponge cake. Copyright © 2020 Foodelicacy. Try cooking it in low. All said, I think I’ve finally got the basics nailed down, after numerous trials and errors. I would not recommend replacing the raising flour with custard powder. Did one yesterday n still nice n chewy this morning. I liked the idea that the cake is not baked. More information... People … It has a caramel topping which is sticky and goes well with the sponge.The cake needs just a handful of ingredients and it is super easy to make as well. (2) Mix and sieve together self raising flour, cake flour, baking powder and salt. TRENDING IN SWEET . Happy baking! Steam Recipes Steamed Cake Pandan Cake Cupcake Cakes Cooking And Baking Asian Desserts Cooking Recipes Sprite Recipe Sponge Cake. Back in the day, this was a luxury, when cake treats were far and few in between. Add in vanilla extract, baking soda, and evaporated milk, and whisk on medium speed (speed 3) until well-blended, about 30 seconds. No-Fail Pandan Chiffon Cake, Easy Step-by-Step Recipe, Chinese-Style Tender Braised Chicken with Potatoes {New & Improved Recipe! Slowly add flour and mix at low speed until well mixed. Will keep in an airtight container, or tightly wrapped in the freezer for up to three months. Quote BBH25. Bamboo steamers are recommended, but as I don’t have these, I will focus the discussion here on using a standard cake pan, and steaming in a two-vessel stainless steel steamer (the bottom vessel holds the water, while the top has a perforated base and lid, to allow the steam to rise from the bottom vessel towards the top). 2 *Pandan juice: Blend together 70 g of water and 15 g of pandan leaves until fine, extract 60 g of pandan juice. Lastly, add the oil, and fold into the batter by hand, using a spatula, until well incorporated. Fill the cake pan with batter not exceeding 2/3 of the pan’s height, to allow room for the cake to rise. This is a cake that can be made at a moment’s notice, as it needs just a handful of ingredients, which are everyday items that you are likely to have stocked in your pantry or larder – mainly, eggs, sugar, flour and oil. Join me and let's have fun cooking up a storm! Heat the oven to 180C/160C fan/ gas 4. Your email address will not be published. It helps to tap the cake pan on the counter a few times, to eliminate big air pockets. Put the basins in a deep baking dish and half-fill with boiled water from the kettle. Sift in the plain flour and baking powder, and whisk on medium speed (speed 3) until well combined, about 30 seconds, or until there are no longer lumps of flour. till there are no longer lumps of flour) – the batter should be thick, but smooth. Sep 15, 2020 - Explore Mariateresaminon's board "Steamed sponge cake" on Pinterest. (Update: Check out how to make an even fluffier, moist, tender and tastier ma lai gao here! Don’t you just love it when a cake comes together perfectly? That’s it! Ma Lai Gao (馬拉糕) – Even Softer, Fluffier & Tastier! I don’t think my photography does enough justice to the real thing, wish I could pass on a slice to you right now! Welcome to my little space where I enjoy sharing simple, delicious, everyday Asian food recipes, and more! So i prefer cooking it on low for 12-15min and its usually done by that time. All Rights Reserved. Recipes, homemade, homecooked, homecookedmeal, Malaysian, cooking recipes, baking recipes, foodie, foodlover. While a variety of attempts that have been documented online showed that these fifteen minutes are somewhat infeasible, the meaning and purpose of this new boo… Soft & Moist Bakery-Style Butter Coconut Buns, Oreo Cheesecake with Oreo and Vanilla Whipped Cream Frosting. There are many ways to use up custard powder – custard cake and custard cookies are my favourites, but so many recipes online to try from. This may take up to 5 to 6 minutes at medium-high speed in an electric mixer, so don’t be tempted to rush through this step. Now, mix coconut milk and Pandan juice together in a bowl. Steam the cake, covered, for 20 - 25 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean. Sponge Cake with Coconut … ), I’m hoping the tips below will help you succeed. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This is important, as the tea cloth will absorb droplets of condensation that form under the surface of the lid, and thus, help prevent water wetting the surface of the cake, making it soggy. If you have time, a quick, 5-7 minute re-steam the next day will have this as moist as on the day you steam it. In an electric mixer fitted with the whisk attachment, whisk eggs, caster sugar, brown sugar, and salt, on high speed (speed 4 on my Kitchen Aid mixer) until thickened and almost tripled in volume, about 5 to 6 minutes. Beat in one of the eggs followed by a spoonful of the flour, then continue until all the eggs have been incorporated. Put the butter and sugar in a medium bowl and beat with an electric whisk until pale and fluffy. Need a no-fuss, make-ahead dessert that’s comforting and great for serving after Sunday lunch? Tightly cover the dish with foil and bake for 1 hr, or until a skewer inserted into the middle of a sponge comes out clean. Steam your cakes for 10 - 15 minutes once your steamer is ready, When cake turned slightly cool, remove the cake … Make sure you have your ingredients at room temperature. This is a recipe which i created, since i had few eggwhites leftover from my mayonnaise. Apr 4, 2014 - I was browsing the net, last time and then I saw the recipe of a steam cake. Glad this worked out to your liking. Simple sponge cake which is steamed to perfection. In a tray add salt and cornflour to the grated coconut and mix well. Fold in the remaining flour, the coconut and a pinch of salt, then the vanilla and coconut … (Read Recipe Notes below), Pour the batter into the prepared cake pan. Remove the cake pan from the wok (take care when removing the wok lid to keep condensation from dripping onto the cake). Jan 21, 2017 - In Jamie Oliver’s new book, the formula from his earlier ’30-minute meals’ is translated into an even faster version: dinner is now prepared in just 15 minutes. March 2020. Fill the bottom vessel with as much water as possible (depending on the steaming time required), leaving at least a 2-inch gap between the water level and the perforated base of the top vessel. Hi, I'm Celia. Fill the sponge cake mould with batter just slightly below the rim. 4 In a clean mixing bowl, whisk egg whites over low speed until large bubbles are formed. Here are my easy, everyday, Asian recipes and quick, sweet bakes anyone can create. See more ideas about asian desserts, sponge cake, steamed cake. This version already tastes so good, that I can’t wait to try my hand at making ma lai gao the authentic way, next (do look out for it in a future post!). Once you’ve filled your cake pan with batter, gently lower the cake pan into the top vessel of the steamer, and place a dry tea cloth over the top, ensuring the cloth does not touch the batter. A 1.2 litre basin well buttered, some foil, greaseproof paper, string and a steamer or large pan. This cake serves 3-4 people. I have heard ppl saying cooking a cake in high is good, but it rarely has a nice texture. Source: 'The Baking Code' by Chef Alex Goh. Finish up folding the oil mixture into the batter by hand, and not in the mixer, until well incorporated. Add ovalett to the mixture and continue mixing. Published on Jun 10, 2020 . Once boiling, reduce heat to medium until water comes to a gentle boil. Just the kind of therapy I needed today! The goal is to trap as much air as possible. Sweet and Sour Fish + The Best Sweet and Sour Sauce Recipe! The steamer lid must be able to fully sit on the pot, without gaps. After buttering the basin add 3 tablespoons of Rasberry Jam to the bottom. When I'm not outdoors doing my favourite activity - hiking - I'm in my kitchen, cooking! Remember to share your pics on Instagram and tag @foodelicacy or #foodelicacy. Do you think I can substitute some of the raising flour with custard powder? I used vahchef’s recipe for sponge cake, he bakes it in oven but I made it in MW :) and even without eggs, it comes out well. Wow..Steamed cakes..Sounds interesting and unique and those are really very cute sponge cake.It’s my kind of cake,i’m more comfortable in steam cooking than baking and also love pandan leaves flavor & coconut … Feb 17, 2020 - The batter becomes a light cocoa sponge - it's not heavy or stodgy - and the sauce is a silky, pourable milk-and-cream ganache. (Read Recipe Notes below). The batter should be thick, but smooth. Spoon the mix into the prepared basins, leaving a 1cm gap at the top. What else, if not baking? Warm the custard with the remaining 2 tbsp coconut cream, if using, and pour into shallow bowls. Easy light steamed sponge cake, topped with coconut frosting and dusted with toasted soy flour.