5. It is equipped with a plastic cup having a capacity of 600ml. Using a paint sprayer will help you to get finished with your painting project quicker. Afterwards, the painting will be more resistant to dust, making it easier and safer to keep clean. Posts Are Coming Soon. If the air passages get moisture inside them repeatedly then corrosion can begin to occur. After a short period, use a scrub brush to scour the loose paint. Stir the diluted elastomeric paint for no less than 5 minutes, using a wooden stirring stick. Instead of flushing out more paint by using these items you will be causing more paint to adhere to the cracks and crevices inside your paint spray gun. Spray-Out – The best way to clean the inner working of a paint gun or sprayer is by adding a small amount of a paint gun cleaner like AcraStrip 600 into the empty top container of a paint gun. Remove the spray guard and tip from the end of the gun. Turn the power on to the paint sprayer. If those tiny little holes become clogged your air paint sprayer is ruined. Reply. Acrylic paint is quite simple to use once you know how, it dries quickly and you can achieve top quality results by polishing. Featured Posts. Remove the spray tip and tip guard from the gun; Remove the fluid intake and drain tube from the paint and wipe any excess paint off the outside; Place the fluid intake into flushing fluid; Place the drain tube into a waste pail; Turn the prime valve to spray; With the gun pointed into the paint bucket, pull the trigger then turn the on/off switch to On When cleaning paint sprayer, it is better to take the device apart so that you ensure that you are getting into all the crevices where your material and debris might be. Spray in a side-to-side motion, moving left to right. Each spray gun will have three controls and their locations may differ slightly. Soaking is a good alternative and you just have to decide what method of cleaning your tips and filter work best for your situation. It is imperative that you clean your paint sprayer properly after each use. With the flushing tube in the cleaning solution, you have chosen you will now run cleaning solution through the entire system, Place the siphon tube in cleaning solution, Activate the trigger and keep it depressed until you see the cleaning fluid begin to flow out of the spray paint gun, Continue to pump cleaner through the system until the fluid that flows through the gun is completely clear. Set the pressure adjustment on the paint sprayer to the lowest possible setting, Depress the trigger on the paint sprayer to make certain that the pressure in the gun has been relieved, Turn the prime valve into the open position. Flush the paint from the tube and then rinse the tube out by flushing with clean water. Point the gun into a throw-away bucket and allow the remaining paint and water or thinner to spray through. remove everything without any additional ingredients. If you are using a spray paint gun that connects to a garden hose for cleaning purposes be sure to read the manufacturer’s recommendations before you paint with an oil based primer or paint. Most gun manufacturers include cleaning equipment with their spray guns, which usually consists of a round-barrel brush to clean the passages of the gun and the cup. Continue spraying water or thinner into the throw-away bucket until the water or thinner comes out clean and clear. A soft bristle brush can help quickly remove dried paint from both parts. Enhance surface adhesion by scouring the clean acrylic shower enclosure with sandpaper. The first thing I will talk about setting up will be air pressure since this can and should be done before you even put paint into your gun. To reiterate, clean all parts with waste thinner as you remove them.