This means that pruning can be done in early- or mid-spring without sacrificing the current years flowering. Pruning in August allows the plant to recover quickly while there is still some warm weather in the subsequent weeks. Spanish lavender seeds germinate slowly, taking about two weeks to emerge. French lavender is also called Spanish lavender and vice versa. However, it does depend on the variety. Choosing plants that grow and thrive in your particular climate is the very first step toward having a beautiful garden . Pruning in late-summer or early-fall encourages good air circulation, which guards again… This is actually their dormant period. There are three main types of lavender: English lavender, French lavender and Spanish lavender. Regular pruning twice a year gives your plant time regenerate fresh flowers and stay in good shape for the next season. This recovery helps protect the lavender from the ravishes of winter. Since it grows wild in France, this is understandable since it is collected there to some extent and processed for oil used in perfume. But normally, it blooms, I cut it back, and it blooms another two or three times during the long summer. Pruning Spanish lavender regularly helps encourage branching and a second flush of flower buds. Pruning lavender is very important for ensuring a healthy plant that does not collapse under the weight of the flowers during bloom. The Royal Horticultural Society is the UK’s leading gardening charity. I planted two Spanish lavenders at my new house. However, French and Spanish lavenders have slightly different flowers and leaf characteristics. English lavender is easily distinguished from its European cousins, as it has a straight-up uniform flower. Remove about one-third of each plant's stems, being careful not to remove all leaves, and cut off any remaining spent flowers. I will be crediting you, of course. Or, like my husband, you can take a small hedge clipper and cut the shrub into a rounded shape. Hope it helps! Anouk Spanish Lavender. Look for where the woody section turns to soft green growth and then prune about 2 - 3 inches above that. It flowers for very long, exactly since late spring until fall. Unpruned lavender plants become woody and often split open in the middle. French lavender prefers more alkaline soils. Imou Bullet Lite 4MP (QHD) Outdoor Wireless Security Camera - Clear Night... Beeswax Wraps Set of 6 by Bee's Trend | All Natural Food... Fiskars PowerGear X Telescopic Tree Pruner UPX86, Non-stick Coated, Steel Blade/Aluminium Handle,... S SMAUTOP Electric Pruning Shears Swiss SK5 Blade 30mm Cutting Diameter 2... 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You have the option of cutting back your lavender or leaving the faded blooms on the plant. Spanish lavenders prefer sandy, more acidic soils than french lavenders and should be pruned in May as they are less hardy than the English lavender. Pruning your lavender is easy to learn. Lavender can be cut back to about two-thirds of their original size. French Lavender and Spanish Lavender are less hardy and should be pruned in May. In Mediterranean climates, there is a lack of rain during the summer, and Mediterranean plants have learned to survive with little water until the rains begin again in the fall. In one instance, I was asked by a fellow gardener if “renewal pruning” was good for lavenders. Pruning lavender is relatively easy. These petals are smaller than that of its Spanish cousins. Or, like my husband, you can take a small hedge clipper and cut the shrub into a rounded shape. Not sure what caused this but it’s not getting too much water and there isn’t any evidence of insect issues. One area of my Spanish Lavender (only on one bush), the entire back side of the bush turned gray – like it’s dead but the rest of the plant looks fine. I am going to cut it back this weekend (removal spent blooms) and wasn’t sure if I should cut off the portion of the bush that looks dead? English lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is the true lavender for cooking and medicine, and it too should be pruned now, if you haven’t already pruned it to collect the flowers. Gardening – Australian Labradoodles – Chickens – Cambria Happenings – Backyard Hencam. Spanish lavender is longer blooming, and requires slightly different care - "Pruning Lavandula stoeches (Spanish Lavender) can be a challenge in that in some regions it never stops blooming. The important thing to remember about first year plants is not to prune down into the woody part of the stems. For harvesting and drying, cut off the flowers when only two or three buds on the flower spikes have opened. If you pruned your lavender, but it still has failed to flower, the most likely reason is that the lavender plant isn't getting enough sun. The best time to prune lavender is after flowering, but this plant is forgiving. I have to replace my Spanish lavender … Spanish Lavender blooms profusely in the spring and when it finishes it needs a good pruning. Spanish Lavender (Kew Red) This one got its famous name from the crimson-violet flower heads that have pale pink petals on top. I have to replace my Spanish lavender every five years. I did very little maintenance (except pruning)on the English Lavender yet it flourished (at a different location although climate is similar). Pruning Spanish & French Lavender. promotes fuller growth and more flowers for next season. Spanish Lavender. Spanish Lavender (Lavandula stoechas) Great for growing as shrubs to create hedges or borders. Keep your seedlings in a sunny spot and water whenever the top of the soil is dry. Traditionally, we prune lavenders to compact mounding forms that look attractive and yield maximum blooms. For example, L. stoechus cultivars need pruning in summer, right after the first flowers; this will protect the plant from winter snowfall. Lavender should be pruned in August once the lavender flowers have faded from blue to grey. Get involved. This will provide better air circulation and prevent the snow to collect on the shrub and break it, or the wind to blow off weaker branches. Cutting back too much can damage and potentially kill the plant. Lavender may flower a second time if you prune off the old flowers after the first flush of summer blooms. Join now. Join the RHS today and get 12 months for the price of 9. The result will be an attractive, fragrant, gray-green shrub throughout the rest of the year. English lavender is easily distinguished from its European cousins, as it has a straight-up uniform flower. Low Chill Apple Varieties for Mild Climates, Planting during the Coronavirus (COVID-19), Out of the Garden and Indoors with Marie Kondo. The side shoots are pruned off as the plant grows up, creating a bare main stem. Most gardening … Pruning strategy: Cut heavily in autumn to reduce the size just before winter. Eventually, as the lilac shrub ages, it will become too woody to be attractive. Spring pruning should only be done to remove winter-killed tissues, since flowering potential can be impacted if healthy material is re… Native to the Mediterranean region and North Africa, Spanish Lavender seems to be a more suitable lavender choice for those who garden in hot humid climates. In my experience, I have found that pruning lavender plants in the spring and summer, and lightly in September, helps them to look and grow better, over a longer period of time. In late summer or early fall, after the last flush has faded, prune your Lavender stems down to an inch above the wood. Lavender can be pruned in late winter, but pruning lavender in the spring is better. The leaves of Spanish Lavender are silver-green with a unique and distinctive flower. Cut off about 2/3 of the plant’s height or to just above the bottom two sets of leaves on each stem. Varieties of Spanish/French Lavender—Lavandula stoechas cvs. If there is significant regrowth, a second, lighter pruning can be done in late summer. Kew Red Spanish Lavender is a smaller version of Spanish Lavender with medium pink flowers and dark pink flower bracts. In mild climates, you can even see flowers all year round. Learn More. Lavender can be cut back to about two-thirds of their original size. Lavenders can quickly encroach on paths, lawns and other plants so giving the plant a good prune can keep them in check and provide a nice mounded shrub for the winter months. Learn How to Prune Lavender like a Pro Many people start to feel nervous about pruning Lavender plants. Use sharp secateurs to avoid tearing the woody stems. Pruning lavender (Lavandula spp.) They are not the only shrubs with a halo of beige. Lavandula stoechas 'Anouk' PP #16,685. Annual pruning is likely to be the only care you need to give your lavender plant, making it the perfect low maintenance shrub. We prune lavenders to stimulate new green growth, which produces flowers, and to slow the formation of older woody growth, which does not produce flowers. Fall pruning, which is recommended in warmer regions, can lead to more winter kill in Ontario. Mediterranean plants are resting now. SKU. It is much brighter in color than the English and French lavenders. Chris Mulder, Barn Owl Nursery . All rights reserved. Jun 5, 2016 - The Spanish Lavender (Lavandula stoechas 'Otto Quast') has finished blooming in my coastal garden and its flowers, a vivid purple in the spring (see Spanish More information Pruning Spanish Lavender Cut back by 1/3 to 1/2 stem length, or to a few nodes above old wood if present or the base. When to Prune Lavender Bushes. You can prune Spanish lavender by grasping the dead blooms with one hand and using clippers to cut them from the plants. Prune only lightly after flowering. The Spanish Lavender (Lavandula stoechas ‘Otto Quast’) has finished blooming in my coastal garden and its flowers, a vivid purple in the spring (see Spanish Lavender Blooming On the Coast), have turned a dusty brown. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Some varieties may grow to 3 feet tall and wide and require yearly pruning to maintain bushiness. This year, along the coast, my Spanish lavendar did very poorly. Lightly prune, harvest, or deadhead blooms throughout the growing season. Hello Ms. Oliphant, Copyright @ 2020 Deadhead after the flowers open and begin to wilt if you want lavender blooms in the garden. Perhaps with careful pruning, yours will last longer. There are three main types of lavender: English lavender, French lavender and Spanish lavender. Try to avoid cutting back to old wood as the lavender may never recover. I prefer to prune lavender into a compact grey-green shrub and I am sometimes rewarded with another flush of blooms. Pruning in spring can delay floweringwhich might be your preferenceand is a good time to take down dead, winter-killed parts and shorten growth to the fat, vigorous buds. Twice a year pruning will keep your plant healthy and compact. Spanish lavender has a stunning flower that is almost pineapple in shape, with larger butterfly winged petals on top. Try to avoid cutting back to old wood as the lavender may never recover. Which Month Should I Prune My Peach Tree? Consider using a pair of cordless secateurs rather than loppers to cut through the tough woody part of the plant. Pruning the lavender plant puzzles many gardeners, so let us take a look at best practices. Pruning lavender – Is it English, French or Spanish Lavender? There are very few rules in gardening, but perhaps the most important one is to work within your zone. Thought I’d try Spanish for something different but it blooms once and blooms are short lived. The top of each flowering stem grows larger upright bracts that resemble rabbit ears. It is the most aromatic of the lavenders and is used in aromatherapy. Experience shows that pruning is best done after flower harvest in Ontario. Be the first to review this product. Previously I had English lavender, which would bloom two or three times a year. The amount of pruning also varies depending on variety, as some lavenders need lighter pruning than others. There are many conflicting views on lavender pruning but I think we are all agreed that the best time to prune Lavender is in August. If you prune too drastically, they might not regrow. Most of the Mediterranean plants in my garden have followed suit and are less than brilliant this early July. Keep trying, just be sure to cut it back after blooming to keep it full. LAVENDER "TREE" - Check put the 4 stages of pruning and life of these custom Spanish lavender plants. Lavender can be pruned into old wood provided there are small green shoots showing in the woody part of the plant. French lavender is less hardy and should be pruned in May to keep the plant in check if necessary. Even though the flowers are well past the best time to harvest for dried flowers or oil, it is still worth stripping the stems and drying … Pruning: Prune right after the first flowering and again in late August after the last flush has faded. English lavender thrives in poor free-draining soils and can cope with either sandy (acidic soils) or Chalky (Alkaline soils). USDA Zone? You can prune Spanish lavender by grasping the dead blooms with one hand and using clippers to cut them from the plants. When is the best time to prune lavender? Tip: Use sharp secateurs for a clean cut, ensuring the wood doesn’t tear which could allow an infection to seep in. First Year Lavender Pruning . We aim to enrich everyone’s life through plants, and make the UK a greener and more beautiful place. Identification: The whorls of the flower spikes are tightly compacted together. Prune off the flowers a second time in late summer if the plant flowers again. The flowers are held well above the bush, so cut the stem at the base, tip pruning the leaves at the same time. Well it really isn't a big deal to get uptight about. Follow us. They look similar to pictures in this article. All lavenders bloom on the stems that grew in the current year. It’s important to prune a few months before winter sets in to prevent frost and breakage from the snow. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Then towards the end of summer, prune the shrub into a rounded mound of foliage. If you are new to pruning, do not be afraid of making mistakes as lavender grows quickly and will recover well if you unintentionally cut away too much. is sometimes referred to as French Lavender. You have to be careful not to water it too much. What can I do to improve their performance or is this just how they are? Cut back to the tiny green shoots low down into the plant. I replied that it would probably result in the death of the plant since subshrubs—lavenders in particular—often dislike being cut to the ground. Thank you for asking. Here are detailed instructions on how to prune back your Lavender to keep its shape, encourage repeat blooming and to maintain vigor. Eventually, as the lilac shrub  ages, it will become too woody to be attractive. After the flowers have finished cut back the flower stalks without going into old wood. The controversy starts when deciding how deep into the plant you can prune. Thank you in advance for your consideration. Yes, Mary. 01:42. The best time to prune back lavender is after it has bloomed, most often in spring or early fall. Pruning Lavender is Essential. Take care not to cut into the woody part of the plant which can cause damage. Pruning the old flowers off Lavender is done every year. 6 - 10. For most lavender varieties, pruning is best done during spring, summer, or fall after harvest. Pruning lavender. To prune more tender Spanish and French lavender varieties, be more gentle than you would with English Lavender. It is rather short-lived (about 4-5 years) then has to be replaced. ??? Since completing my degree, I’ve been asked time and again how to prune lavender and other subshrubs. 44233. In this article, we look at which month you should prune lavender and why? I would like permission to use your Spanish lavender photo in an article I am writing for the Victoria, Texas newspaper (The Advocate). The variety of lavender will determine how much you can prune off the lavender bush without damaging it. When to Prune Lavender It really doesn’t make much difference in the performance next season.